NLCI believes that  each and every  Indian language is a  creation of God

 India is home for so many languages. However only 22 Indian languages are recognized according to the 8th Schedule of Indian constitution and are given certain privileges. The remaining languages are classified as minority languages and are marginalized. NLCI believes that each and every Indian language is a creation of God and its speakers should have the privilege of using their language with self-esteem.

When NLCI ventured to work in the area of minority languages in India in the year 1995, the dialect-language classification in India was very unclear. We were working with the Census of India figure (from 1961) that 1652 languages and dialects are spoken in India. It was not clear how many minority languages in India needed a language development initiative. Over the last many years, the dedicated sociolinguistic research team of NLCI brought clarity to the situation that India has over 500 distinctive languages, spoken in its boundaries.

In addition to our sociolinguistic research team NLCI has been setting up individual teams in minority language communities for the production of mother tongue materials since 1998, and presently are working among 43 language communities spread across 12 Indian states of India with a potential to impact around 7 crores people.